A new and fashionable word in the interior of your home – fabric rolls

Window in the house. What is its function? Since the appearance and for all times, the window has two destinations: to let daylight and protection against cold and heat into the dwelling.

Over time, people began to decorate in various ways this integral attribute of any structure. For outdoor beauty, windows of various shapes were made, decorated with wooden and stone carved platbands.

In the middle of the housing, the windows were covered, first of all, from curious prying eyes, with pieces of matter. On hot sunny days, this matter helped protect the dwelling from excessive heat.

The craving for the beautiful, the desire to decorate your house in different ways, led to the manifestation of window curtains. Textilers began to release matter intended only for windows.

At all times there was a different fashion for window curtains, it constantly changed, like any other fashion.

At the beginning of the 21st century, curtains appeared that did not move out on the window, but twisted, rose to the top. They are called roller curtains or roller blinds.

These are completely the latest developments, such curtains fit into modern trends in the interior of the room. They are designed in such a way that the whole canvas closes the entire light opening. If you use different materials, you can achieve any illumination in the room.

Such roller curtains help to arrange the interior of the room in an original way. The length of the roll can be changed, that is, lift the curtain to the desired height, which is very convenient. Control such curtains manually or using an electric drive. The fabric of such a curtain is wound on an aluminum pipe. The tube is mounted with special brackets on the wall or on the ceiling.

The tissue for rolled curtains is impregnated with special compounds, which are dusting, antistatic and antibacterial. Such fabrics are not exposed to sunlight, that is, they retain their coloring for a long time.

And the drawings exist very different: for the kitchen, bedrooms, children’s rooms. For the office, you can order a drawing in accordance with the activities of the company, because a large collection of roller blinds is quite extensive.

What else is plus such curtains – they do not need to be washed. To clean roller curtains, just clean them with a wet sponge. They have a long service life due to the high mechanical strength of the material and the lack of deformation.