When choosing a mixer, it should be guided by its functionality. And the functionality, in turn, will depend on the installation site. It is very important exactly where this device of plumbing will be used: in a quiet home cuisine, in a public washroom or in a workshop with harmful conditions.

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The faucets are chosen from three groups: two -wound, single -leaf and relatively new thermostats. Classic two -wound mixers are convenient, practical, and, importantly, familiar. It would seem that you can still come up with a new one in creating such a standard mixer? Nevertheless, the designers found here the use of their imagination. In stores you can find two -wound mixers with watering can in the form of a bizarre flower, fantastic fish or bird. More modern design have single -leaf mixers. They are rotary and immortal. Both have their advantages and everyone finds their buyer. Such mixers are also interesting in that they “remember” the temperature of the water in the tap. If you configure cold and hot water to the desired temperature of the mixture and lower the lever down, then the next time when it is turned on from the tap, water will go the desired temperature.