new word in suburban construction

Contrary to the still widespread opinion, wooden frame houses are as strong and durable as those erected from logs and timber, and even bricks, buildings. Of course, the frame-derive construction, unlike the same brick, cannot be called traditional for us, but modern construction technologies and materials allow you to build a practical, cozy and reliable house for almost a couple of months a brigade of several people. And at a cost – tangible savings. And do not forget that two -thirds of one -story America are frame wooden houses.

With the development and introduction of new building technologies on the domestic market, the construction of country houses became something akin to the assembly of the designer, a simple and relatively inexpensive event. In addition, special attention to frame wooden houses should pay attention to enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle: such parameters as vapor barrier, thermal insulation and breathability in this case are in the optimal combination, creating a healthy microclimate inside!

I would like to pay attention to such a controversial argument of opponents of frame construction as the fire hazard of operation of fireplaces and stoves: in fact, the use of special impregnations of wooden parts of the structure, as well as the use of absolutely non -combustible and heat -resistant materials, leads a fire parameter to the highest positions in comparison with other types of buildings. You can safely build a stove, build a fireplace in the living room or install a solid fuel or gas boiler – everything will work properly and safely.

Now about strength and durability. The mandatory standards of wooden-frame construction provide a warranty life for at least 75 years, and seismic resistance-as many as 8-9 points! I think you can not talk more about reliability.

And finally, we give several main factors that can serve as a good word in choosing the type of construction of a country house. So:

1) speed and all -zeroism of building a frame house;

2) a relatively small cost combined with high quality construction;

3) the lightweight of the structure is an additional savings on the foundation, which in this case will be easier and easier while maintaining the calculated strength parameters;

4) the environmental friendliness of materials used in frame houses, as well as high comfort and a healthy microclimate in the residential part of the building;

5) heat -saving characteristics of walls at the level – imagine – 1.9 m. thickness of silicate brickwork!

6) the possibility of implementing the most complex projects up to 3 floors high;

7) simplicity of operating a frame house, significant economy savings;

8) high fire resistance and strength, as mentioned above;

9) the possibility of using a wide variety of types of internal and external decoration;

10) the possibility of creating any electric networks, water supply and sewer structures.