Residential real estate news

The Ministry of Regional Development suggests that until 2018 it will be possible to increase the number of families that will have a real opportunity to get housing.  Such statements were heard from the lips of the head of the department Igor Slyunyaev, who commented on the words spoken by Vladimir Putin Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Recently, in his speech, the President of the Russian Federation noted that in the first stages of the national project “Housing”, conditions are allegedly created for the development of mortgages. It should be noted that in Russia, not every family of a mortgage is available in the means. Medvedev meets the setting of a new task: you should in the near future increase the construction of economy-class housing, you should expand the possibilities for renting affordable and comfortable housing. Now, for example, land plots are sold at a good discount.

Medvedev said that it was necessary in a short time to proceed to solving an acute housing issue, in which a wider category of citizens as young families, social workers, hospital workers, educational institutions, scientists, and engineers are interested in.

Specific goals are set: this is how the targeted indicator will be the performance of a certain plank – it is supposed to bring the share of families with the opportunity to buy or take a standard apartment of average value with their own and credit borrowed funds by 2015, up to 30%. Already in 2018, it is planned to reach this figure to 50%.

For this reason, the share of housing entry into rents of apartment buildings by the end of 2015 should be 7.4% of the entire area of ​​housing entered in apartment buildings, as well as this indicator is planned to increase to 10% by 2020, according to Slyunyaev.

The Minister also said that the plans have to implement a pilot project called “Five -Five”. It provides for additionally introducing low -budget housing annually in a volume, which will be at least five million square meters over five years.

In November 2012, the Government approved the state project “Providing affordable and comfortable housing and communal services of citizens of the Russian Federation”. This program is funded in the total volume of about 2 trillion rubles. This should be the main lever that will fulfill the instructions of President Putin.

The Minister in the same appeal also noted that within the framework of the program of the Housing and Public Utilities Foundation, another no less acute problem as resettlement of residents from emergency housing will be raised for consideration.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Regional Development, now in the Russian Federation, residential buildings with a total area of ​​more than 10 million square meters have been recognized as emergency. The residents of these houses are about 650 thousand people.