Surface plaster

Before applying the plaster, the walls must be prepared for work. First, fully align and apply a primer. Unnecessary protrusions on the walls are cut off. The primer prevents the appearance of fungi, removes small cracks and thanks to it the materials are better grasped.

The primer consists of fine particles, it is applied with a roller or a brush with a long pile. After the surface is completely dry, you can start applying the plaster. Plaster of surfaces is to apply materials on the surface. In order to determine where the cracks, you need to use the level. Good plaster will remove irregularities, significantly reduce the consumption of materials for further work.

It is very important to achieve maximum alignment when plaster surfaces. There are two types of plaster: external and internal. The choice of plaster depends on its further purpose and application. Cement plaster is prepared from cement, sand and lime. With the help of this technology, they finish the outside of the walls and facade. Due to the plaster of the outer surfaces, the influence of poor environmental factors is prevented, I increase the thermal protection of the building.