The situation in the real estate market is close to collapse

The indispensable negative price expectation, the value of real estate objects of our country is reduced by 1 percent over a month.

The most characteristic trend of the domestic real estate market is a general rapid reduction in the quantitative indicator of transactions.

Experts argue that the total number of transactions recorded for a given period of time is at a fairly low level. On average, about 500 transactions are recorded in Kyiv for a month, while before the crisis period it was at least 15 thousand. If we evaluate the whole situation comprehensively, then the current situation is largely reminiscent of a similar situation that took shape on the eve of the 2008 crisis.

If we talk about the average cost of residential real estate in Kyiv, then it is actually minimal for the market and is about 1.6 thousand American dollars per square meter. Nevertheless, the construction of tenti tenti tents does not lose its popularity, despite the decline in residential prices.

Despite such minor customer indicators, they do not seduce in any way, there is simply no one to buy real estate objects. This is primarily due to the fact that a person is aimed first of all to first feed his own family, to train, and if necessary, to treat them, only then it will be possible to think about improving his own living conditions. The lack of a real mortgage program in its classical sense is largely destabilizing this situation.

If a mortgage is offered by certain banking structures, then even on very disadvantageous conditions. The most significantly prices fell on a business class residential real estate, which are adjacent to the central areas.