Vulnerability Assessment Services to protect your computer from external threats

Any computer that has access to the network needs protection from external threats. This is especially important for companies and organizations that use important data that can become a target for theft by attackers. In such situations, it is worth contacting specialists offering Vulnerability Assessment Services.

What is included in the vulnerability assessment service

This type of service involves the process of studying the entire computer infrastructure, testing its protection and security evaluation. System monitoring allows you to develop measures to correct deficiencies and effective ways to prevent external and internal threats. Vulnerability Management Service from CQR will help with this.

Work on this topic includes the following types of actions:

  1. The composition of the system, its hardware and software are being studied, and vulnerabilities are being identified.
  2. By auditing the system configuration and settings used, the main areas of penetration are quickly and accurately identified.
  3. The likelihood of using the human factor is being studied, when an employee can open access to the system to an external threat.
  4. All potential deficiencies of the system, installed applications, external and internal resources and services used are identified.
  5. Manual code review, when all lines are analyzed, after which an automated hacker attack is simulated to determine the infrastructure’s capabilities to repel threats.
  6. All identified vulnerabilities are carefully recorded, the causes that caused them are determined, and recommendations for overcoming them are drawn up.

The company executing the order can eliminate all vulnerabilities, carry out a complete upgrade of the system, and scale it to the required level.


The actions are comprehensive, cover the entire computer infrastructure, and leave no loopholes for illegal penetration. The audit procedure is carried out by experienced specialists who know all the tricks of hackers who understand how systems are hacked. This results in clear, understandable recommendations that provide insight for managers and employees to avoid vulnerabilities.
The procedure is carried out for all weak points; after its implementation, complete protection of any system in terms of configuration and volume is guaranteed. The network can be developed and scaled without fear of hacking or information theft.