Warm floor systems for heating a house

Everyone faced the problem of drafts, which make the room in the room uncomfortable even with a powerful heating system. Everyone also knows how unpleasant it is to leave the bathroom after the shower, stepping on the cold floor. These problems are easily solved thanks to the installation of floors from heating, which it is pleasant to walk barefoot at any time of the year. Warm floors are divided into electrical and water, depending on the energy of the energy carrier. Now we will consider the advantages of electric warm floors.

During installation, I want to note that when working with very hard material, the cutting tool uses a carbide replaceable plate in the cutting tool. And purchasing such plates is most convenient in the company of LLC “Trade house Hephaestus”.

I also note that a system of warm floors and an air recuperator system that helps save heat loss through the ventilation system is well combined.

The most responsible element of such a heating system is the heat distribution screen. Its functions are to maintain a constant temperature. The distribution of temperature on the floor surface occurs in such a way that the areas directly over the cable heat up stronger than others. To avoid this, a steel mesh is used.

The action of the warm floor is felt as a result of increasing the level of comfort in the room. Even young children can be on the floor for hours and not catch a cold. Such a pleasant microclimate in the house has a beneficial effect on the state of health, regardless of the weather on the street.

With the help of special temperature controllers, you can change the mode of operation of the warm floor, adjusting it to your needs. Thanks to temperature adjustment, you can create the necessary conditions for each individual room.

A heating element in the form of a heating cable is installed in the electric heat. The temperature can be adjusted automatically due to the presence of sensors. To save electricity, it is necessary to carefully heat up the space between the heating element and the base surface of the floor. Materials from flora-meid, plasticum or with closed microechiki can be used as insulation.

The main advantage of modern electric heat systems is the possibility of connecting equipment, which ensures the inclusion and disconnection of the system at the right time.