A new look at the project of the highest residential building of Berlin

Frank Heri is the most popular and highly paid architect of our time. As life and real practice showed, any city in the world will be happy to accept a building built in accordance with the project of this beautiful architect.

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Already in 2017, on the territory of Berlin, it is planned to commission the highest residential building in the country, and Mr. Gory became its author.

The project of a residential building, which will be built in Berlin, once again testifies and proves that European inhabitants of cities are increasingly preferring skyscrapers for permanent residence. But only a few years ago, many experts called skyscrapers exclusively Moveton – wealthy people for the most part preferred lives in private houses located in the suburbs, but not high -rise.

In the past few years, the diametrically opposite tendency has been traced quite clearly – residents of cities are beloved by high -rise buildings located in the central part of the city as a habitat. This year, it is planned to put into operation and a residential skyscraper located in the central part of London, and a year later the construction of the highest structure in Berlin will be started. But to engage directly in the construction itself will be an American-Canadian studio, led by Frank Heri.

The project provides for the construction of a 39-storey skyscraper of 150 meters, which will be located about 300 apartments, several high-quality restaurants, a hotel, and a first-class spa center. The estimated cost of the project is about 250 million euros. The building itself will perfectly fit into the surrounding architectural ensemble.