New round of development of Chinese architecture

From time immemorial, architects were conceived regarding the architecture of the future, they wanted to look for several decades ahead and evaluate what kind of distinctive features she will stand out? As for vehicles of transportation, most science fiction writers could not predict the features of the development of cars. But with the architecture everything turned out an order of magnitude better. The most striking example of this is pixel skyscrapers, the construction of which will be held in one of the Chinese cities called Shaosin.

I must say that the painting of MDF products will also be carried out taking into account the design trends of the future and architecture. Although Moretti Design employees are already making masterpieces in design solutions today.

A specialized project for the construction of pixel skyscrapers in the city of Shaosin was developed by an American architect, which is of Chinese origin – Mr. Liu Xiang. Attention should be paid to the fact that it was his work that ultimately took the first line in the competition for the right to build a center of creativity and culture. Three high -altitude structures will be entrusted precisely by such a function.

The jury of the competition preferred this particular project, since it assumes that through its construction it is possible to radically change the entire architectural components of the embankment of part of Shaosin, and will also favorably affect the image component of the city. The twisted and to a certain extent chopped forms of these magnificent skyscrapers, in accordance with the vision of the author of the project, symbolize the water ripples on the coastal part of which the complex will be built.

Pixel skyscrapers are planned to be interconnected using a special constructive solution, which will be located at the level of the fourth floor, they will represent two -level galleries, the location of which will take place according to special supports.