The new section of the metro will be launched in 2013

The other day, the Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin spoke to reporters and said that the currently under construction site of the metro on the Krasnopresnenskaya line between the Zavikhino and Kotelniki stations would be ready to commission in December next year. The mayor with a planned check visited the station, which is currently being built – Lermontovsky Prospekt, the future station of the new site. In general, Sobyanin was pleased with the results of the visit. The authorized contractor reported, construction work is not far behind the planned plan. The pit at the station is already ready for more than a quarter. This will allow you to introduce a tunneling complex to work on the station in the twenties of the current month, to start paving the way from this station further to the Zhulebino station. According to the representative of the construction team, the new stations will be fully ready by September next year. Sobyanin was also very interested in the question of the possibility of holding a tunnel to the last station of the Kotelniki section and how things are at the station itself, because initially the plans were to open the station no later than 2015. The representative of the contractor replied that there is an opportunity to fulfill the task set by the mayor, but before it is necessary to solve many land issues. The mayor of the capital urgently asked to complete as much work as possible at the Kotelniki station as possible by the end of next year. Having made preliminary calculations and checked with the initial plan, representatives of Metrostroy, later reported that nothing prevents the Kotelniki metro station by December next year. Unless, of course, the approved plan, for some reason will not be violated.

The decision to expand the Moscow metro was made by the Moscow authorities last year. For construction, it was decided to choose a segment between the Zavikhino and Kotelniki stations. The start of work was not put off in a long box and already in 2011 they started. The total length of the planned site is more than six and a half kilometers. Three new stations will be built on it, namely Lermontovsky Prospekt, a photographer of pregnant women, Zhulebino, and Kotelniki.

The Moscow Metro around the world is recognized as one of the most comfortable and convenient. Being one of the main types of public transport, it grows from year to year with the city. Today it is difficult to imagine Moscow without its subway.

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