The new district of Moscow is looking for a name

Moscow Mayor with. Sobyanin was invited to choose the name of the new 11th district of Moscow, which will be formed upon joining the territories. Interesting suggestions about the new administrative district have already begun to come to it – some people offer to name him Krasnoparrinsky, others – Podolsky, others – Leninsky and t.D.Now the Moscow government is only thinking about this issue. However, they are not against new proposals from the population and journalists.

The mayor of Sobyanin also said that new territories will not require special attracting new investors. The thing is that the so -called development projects are now valued everywhere – both in the suburbs and in the capital. Therefore, one resolution will be enough for investors to respond.

The mayor noted in his speech about the “underwater stones” that await representatives of the authorities when working with new territories. The most important thing, in his opinion, is the separation of centers in the new center – to bring in a bunch of financial, educational, administrative and other centers do not need.

Many say that the new district is not round and therefore incomprehensible in some sense. But Sobyanin correctly noted that our Russia is also not round, but everything is well placed on it. Therefore, in the attached 11th district, everything will be divided into several zones.