Automatic watering system

The automatic watering system is the most effective way to water plants in particular large areas planted with lawn. This system consists of several elements, namely, sprayer, programming controller, electromagnetic valves and pipelines systems. Each of the elements is responsible for performing a specific task. So the controllers control all the functioning of the system, and the electromagnetic valves are responsible for the disconnection and inclusion of water supply. The pipeline acts as a transport link through which water is transported from the source to sprayers. As for the sprayers themselves, they are already clear by the installations carrying out water spraying at certain distances.

Source of water, or rather, the water itself is very important. Much attention should be paid to its quality, as well as pressure. Otherwise, all sprayers will fail or the system simply will not function. At leisure, it is recommended to find out how to insulate the concrete floor with your own hands.

Therefore, before organizing an automatic watering system, water analysis should always be carried out. In the event that this analysis shows that water has poor quality, a water treatment filter should be added to the irrigation system.

By the way, the danger is given not only by large particles that can cause blockage of sprayers, but also many other water defects, for example, an increased content of salts, which can cause an accelerated wear of the pipeline, and indeed all elements of the system.

Before arranging an automatic watering system, you need to think in advance, then how it will be canned in the winter period. Here you can do in two ways or lay pipelines at the depths where the earth does not freeze or organize the possibility of air blowing.