Rash on the stomach during pregnancy

Almost all girls believe that the period of pregnancy is certainly an important, responsible, but at the same time a very pleasant period in a woman’s life. Of course, it is difficult to argue with this, but, nevertheless, every expectant mother needs to understand in advance that nine months of bearing a baby can be associated not only with slight toxicosis, but also with others, no less, and sometimes more unpleasant phenomena. For example, these are problems with veins, pressure, or, what happens quite often, rashes on the stomach.

Rash on the stomach during pregnancy

Of course, you should not engage in self -medication, especially in this period, therefore, so that you do not happen, you need to consult with your doctor who leads your pregnancy about this. If necessary, the gynecologist will direct you to a consultation to a narrow specialist who will help to find out the cause of what is happening and prescribe appropriate treatment.

It is clear that during pregnancy, even if you seemed to have a harmless rash on your stomach, use ointments or gels uncontrollably, without the permission of the doctor, too. First you need to find out the cause of the rashes on the stomach, which, as a rule, also itch.

First of all, such a rash on the stomach, accompanied by itching, may be a result of hormonal changes occurring in the body of a pregnant woman. Most often, such rashes appear in the third trimester of pregnancy, although there are such cases when they appear already in the first months of an interesting position of a woman. Typically, the localization of hormonal rash during pregnancy is a stomach, but here it does not do without exception – in some expectant mothers, the itchy rash spreads not only to the stomach, but also on the arms, chest, back, buttocks and hips.

Doctors usually call such a rash pregnant dermatosis. It practically does not require treatment – a few days after childbirth, it passes without a trace, leaving only unpleasant memories of herself.

Rash on the stomach during pregnancy

During pregnancy, when a woman’s body is weakened, she may also have an allergic rash. Surprisingly, allergies can occur during pregnancy even for those women who have never had it before. This is explained quite easily – during the period of bearing the baby the body of the future mother becomes very sensitive to a variety of factors – food, cosmetics, clothing, dust, animals, pollen of plants, and so on. Allergic rashes, unlike pregnant dermatosis, even in this situation require treatment, which must be prescribed by a doctor.

In the heat or when wearing a bandage, especially from synthetic tissues, a pregnant woman on the stomach may appear on a sweating, in which a rash and itching also appear. In this case, any special treatment is not required – it is enough just to regularly carry out hygienic procedures and dress according to the weather.

A rash on the stomach during pregnancy can also be caused by various infectious diseases. For example, it can be scabies – for infection with this ailment, it is enough to lie down on the couch on which a person had a sore scabies before that. If the cause of your belly rash is an infection, then it must be treated. As you remember, only a doctor can prescribe a safe treatment for you and for your baby.

In some cases, a rash on the abdomen in women in an interesting position occurs in connection with malfunctions in the work of some internal organs. Most often, thus, they resemble the gall bladder and liver. About how to cope with this problem and establish the work of internal organs, the doctor leading your pregnancy will also tell you.

Rash on the stomach during pregnancy

And, finally, one important advice – if the itching rash on your stomach arose suddenly, and you cannot visit a doctor in the near future, then to eliminate itching, you can wipe the place of soda dissolved in water that is bothering you. To do this, you need to take a teaspoon of baking soda and dilute it in one hundred milliliters of water. And, of course, try not to worry in the very near future, even if the itching has passed, show yourself to the doctor – he will help you eliminate rashes on the stomach without risk for you and your baby.