What are the criteria for choosing PRP tubes for plasma lifting

One of the most popular and fairly common procedures associated with a complex effect on the skin for the purpose of their rejuvenation and treatment is a procedure called plasmolifting.

It was developed about twenty years ago by a doctor of medical sciences, a professor and just a great practitioner. First of all, we are talking about Renat Akhmerov, who invested a lot of his own time and effort into the competent development of his unique project, which became a real breakthrough in the cosmetology field in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, post-acne, and other adverse events. His therapy involves the use of Tubes PRP, designed specifically for a wellness procedure associated with the introduction of blood plasma by injection.

Main advantages

The choice of numerous clients in favor of this therapy with the use of prp tubes with active substances inside is explained by the following obvious advantages:

  • made in Italy trademark pipes;
  • customer focus involves assigning a personal manager to each client;
  • the client can receive advantageous offers and be informed about ongoing promotions and discounts;
  • the active substances contained in the tube are capable of properly extracting autologous blood plasma of the highest purity;
  • there is a rather favorable ratio of price and quality of the product.

Payment and delivery

As for the main issues that concern many customers, these are the subtleties of delivery, as well as making payments for the order made. Transportation is possible to any point of the world space, regardless of the place of residence. There are several features to highlight here:

  • the order is formed and calculated according to the applicable DHL tariff;
  • if delivery is planned to third countries, then the collected state duty is paid additionally;
  • within Germany, the average delivery time is about two to three days;
  • payment is made through the well-known PayPal system, as well as by bank transfer according to the specified detailed details on the site

After making an advance payment, the delivery time is calculated the next day. If it falls on a weekend, the countdown is shifted to the next business day.