Cabinet-wardrobe-a successful design solution

Our domestic housing complexes are characterized by the availability of, mainly small apartments, where sometimes even residents have nowhere to turn, and it is also necessary to install furniture. In a modern interior, glass is increasingly used and it is important that it be safe. This is possible thanks to glass hardening technology. The manufacture of hardened glass occurs on specialized equipment. Due to this, glass strength increases several times, if it breaks down, it does not break up into many small fragments.

And here the invention of the Americans comes to the rescue-a wardrobe, inaccessible to us during the Cold War, when everything overseas hawing. But this furniture is so convenient and practical that it was ultimately to take root on our Niva.

The cabinets produced by domestic furniture factories were bulky and uncomfortable. They were especially interfered in narrow corridors. And all because of the banal trifles-the opening of the doors that blocked the passage.

But the wardrobe is completely different. His doors are not open, but sliding, which, you see, is very convenient. And the space of the room does not engage in, and free access is available to clothes or other things.

In addition, the wardrobe doors can be supplemented with another function. In the wardrobe cabinet, the doors can be mirrored, which will not only visually increase the space of the room, but will also make it possible to admire yourself.

In sideboard and bookcases, it is possible to use transparent (glass) sliding doors, which will make it possible to see the contents of the cabinet.

The wardrobes are also good because they can be selected for any size of the room. But it is more convenient to make such furniture on order based on a specific case. The place of installation of the cabinet and its harmonious “entry” in the already finished interior will be taken into account here.

A, ordering a cabinet with sliding doors, you can supplement it with drawers, baskets and shelves. Any configuration of the wardrobe will take into account all the features of the storage in it of things.

You can install such a cabinet in any room. No exception of the loggia and bathroom. And to prevent the appearance of rust from the effects of moisture on the metal parts of the sliding doors, they are previously galvanized.

To save on expenses, a wardrobe can not be made whole. You can completely refuse the back wall – it will serve the surface of the wall, in which the closet will be installed. It is especially convenient in this case, if the assembly of the cabinet is carried out in place. Then the side wall (or even both) can be excluded. Especially if the cabinet is installed in a niche.

In any case, a wardrobe is a successful acquisition and a good addition in the design of a modern small-sized apartment.