Cabinet-wardrobe-an ideal solution for the hallway

Each room in our apartment carries a certain functional load, one of the most capacious places is the hallway. For her, an ideal option for proper use of the space will be the installation of a wardrobe. This is much better than cluttering up the space of a small hallway with voluminous cabinets for storing clothing. Such wardrobes can be bought inexpensively in specialized stores that have a rich assortment.

If we turn to the experience of European countries, you can notice that there are no independent rooms for the hallway as such. More often you can see wardrobes or a separate room dedicated to a dressing room. In the hallway, in most cases there is a small open hanger and shelf for small items, as well as devices for umbrellas and shelf for shoes.

Burning separate wardrobes take up a lot of space. Better use narrow cabinets with hangers and a shoe stand. But the most ideal option would be a built-in wardrobe. It can be hidden so that it will be like a continuation of the wall, which will visually significantly expand the space. The hallway is a room where there is almost always lack of space. You are constantly looking for where to put or put one or another item. Properly organized space will allow you to keep all things in order, but you can’t do without shelves and drawers here. If you approach the calculation of filling the wardrobe seriously, then a huge number of all kinds of items can be placed in it. Therefore, making a custom -made cabinet is always better than buying standardly equipped models, however, like hallways, which can be a good alternative.

There are three main types of wardrobes:

1) a case cabinet that is easily pushed and installed in a new place. It consists of a roof, floor, two sides and rear panel.

2) a half -built cabinet mounted one side by side or beam. It is economical, since the consumption of materials is minimal.

3) a built -in wardrobe made in niches of existing walls.

Which option is suitable for your small hallway-choose for yourself, but in any case, the wardrobe will become a decoration of your hallway.