Living room compartment wardrobe

Cabinet for things is an excellent alternative to simple cabinets that have swing doors. The wardrobe will significantly save the area of ​​the space, it can be located in a not very wide corridor or room area with small dimensions. He will not need an additional place in order to open the doors, due to the presence of a sliding mechanism. Such a cabinet has a relatively not very much cost, but it performs many functions.

The cabinet for the living room can be made not only with doors of glass or mirror, but, for example, with brightly designed prints, which will make it possible to give more individuality to the interior, the style in general. It increase the area of ​​the room, which is especially important for a compact living room.The living room is a special room in the house intended for relaxation, meetings with friends, holding family celebrations and its decoration must be treated with maximum responsibility.

Living room wardrobes – the most ergonomic type of furniture. Spacious, unusually practical and aesthetically attractive, made according to an individual design project, they will transform and decorate the interior of your living room thanks to their facades. Experts will help you choose mirrors or glass with a pattern made by photo printing or sandblasting, at your request, the facade part will be decorated with elements from natural rotan or bamboo.

Cabinets for the living room from VSEOKUPE are equipped with repeatedly proven steel systems of the commander’s sliding doors or aluminum RAUMPLUS, Aristo. Living rooms to order from Vseokupe – walls, cabinets and wardrobes for the living room – can be made at the request of the customer from the mass of valuable wood (oak, cedar, beech, etc.), decorated with natural veneer or made of high -quality, environmentally friendly laminated materials of leading foreign manufacturers