Glass with self -cleaning function

Moreover, it, like any plastic window, is regularly polluted under the influence of dust and rain. What to do in this case? There should be a method that can facilitate the owners of the house with a difficult position.

Yes, indeed, this method exists. Just install smart glass in your house. Smart glass is a fresh invention, which is covered with a special coating equipped with a chemical -based self -cleaning function. This self -cleaning effect is realized using a specific layer that covers the window and interacts with sunlight and moisture, so that the dirt is washed off automatically. The composition of such a “magical” surface includes titanium oxide, which is applied to glass during hardening, so merging with the main material. It is for this reason that the glass does not lose its wonderful properties – the layer will not get off it on its own, it is damaged only with the glass itself.

The coating of this glass is almost colorless and does not at all affect the general properties of the structure – unless it gives the glass a beautiful bluish tint. Which, in principle, is not a disadvantage, but is most likely to a fashionable aesthetic design.

In addition to its own property of self -regulation, a window of this type has one more equally useful quality – after the rain there are no subteces or divorces – the window remains smooth and transparent. In other words, self -cleaning glass has increased hydrophilism.

In the first week after installation, the so -called activation period will be launched, after which the self -cleaning process will occur regularly. You will have to wash such a window extremely rarely, only if at some time the pollution is too plentiful, or too fast, and there will be no rain for a long time (as a rule, this is a dry season). Naturally, in such conditions a “smart” option will not work: the sun is simply not able to break through a too thick layer of dirt, therefore, the ultraviolet with the titanium coating itself will not respond to this.

In order to reload the window with the function of self -cleaning, it is quite simple to wash with warm water (you can add a slightly soap solution), watering its surface or, by drawing along it with a soft and damp cloth.