This is one of the most popular new products of the insulation market.  Glassizol has several advantages over other heaters. Firstly, it is a super-technical and excellent material in a functionally, combining the function of the heat insulator, the waterproofer fully combined.

Permamine, roofing material, rubemast, glassizol are heater with similar heat engineering properties. Glassesol differs from them, since when applying a water -repellent layer, it becomes a waterproofing.  The glassisole has a fairly low cost due to use in its production .   mainly domestic raw materials and components.  Glassesol is in high demand among customers.

The most popular are the TCP 40 glassesolizol and the CCI brand – 30, which are the most convenient formats during construction.  Glassesol is very convenient when transporting and transportation.  Its advantage is also fire safety, close to zero. GOST has been developed on the glass, which is a confirmation of its quality.

GOST is regulated by his production in several varieties, one of which is a glassisol on canvas is regulated. The basis of the glass insurance can be different material.  However, glass insulus on canvas is most popular because of its naturalness. The main production centers for the production of glass insurance are located in the central part of Russia, and production in Tver is the leader of the region. Other large industrial centers engaged in the production of glass insurance are located in Murom, Lipetsk.