Old estates for rent

On the territory of the Pechenezh district of the Kharkov region, they plan to carry out repair work in rural houses and buildings, which are dated to the 19th century. In particular, the government of this area announced its intention to turn ancient houses into high -quality and modern hotels that will be provided for use by tourists who visited this region. To implement this program, the local government is already developing an appropriate project called “weekend estate”. Now all city residents will allow all city residents to fully feel all the charms of rural life, everyone will be able to lie down directly on the stoves, as well as enjoy the dishes of the traditional cuisine of Ukraine.

Mr. Gusarov, who was the head of the Pechenezh district city administration, said that for this period of time there are several key options for the practical implementation of the innovative and such unusual project for our country. There are several houses with a rich architectural past in the district, these houses have been preserved since the 19th century. Although even now you can order a wild log house using ancient technologies. In addition, in the same area there are entire villages in which there are empty houses. These residential buildings can have very high tourist value, but certain cosmetic work must be carried out first. Some entrepreneurs are seriously interested in such an idea. To embody it in reality, it is planned to attract additional funds from the regional fund for supporting a small type of entrepreneurship. Having implemented such a program in practice, the tourist attractiveness of this route increases largely.

In addition to unusual and rather old architectural houses, the inhabitants of Kharkov can easily enjoy pleasant weekends in the immediate vicinity of the park of archaeological crops, which is planned to be created from the village of Novoselovka. Preparatory work is carried out for this period of time and design documentation is drawn up to create a new complex. It is planned to include a new archaeological park, as well as the relevant recreation areas in it. Near the lake in the near future they will create a tent town and erect wooden houses, in which they will actually settle tourists.