Old Beijing is destroyed

According to the Chinese Culture Preservation Fund, new buildings near old Beijing cause damage to the historical center of the city. We are talking about the multifunctional office and entertainment complex Galaxy Soho, which received the award of the Royal Institute of British Architects, which is located near the historical center of Beijing. At the same time, the Fund filed a complaint to the architect of the Xuhit hacks, who designed this structure.

What did they say to a successful architect?

The letter of the complaint was sent to RIBA, which stated that the members of the Culture Preservation Fund were “shocked” and “disappointed” by the decision of the institute that the architect and the construction should be awarded. Indeed, according to people who filed a complaint, the new construction and its construction violated a number of norms and laws that relate to the preservation of cultural heritage.

At the same time, the new modern building caused irreparable damage to the appearance of old Beijing. This letter was also sent to the architect, which he did not comment on.

Galaxy Soho complex

The constructed complex, the total area of ​​which glorified about 333 thousand square meters, caused many disputes among various architects and the leadership of the city. After all, it was built, in 2012, near the historical center of the city and, having such an area, significantly influenced the appearance and perception of this part of the city. All creation is built of aluminum and glass, consists of 15 towers of streamlined shape.

The towers have shopping centers and entertainment sites, offices of various companies. At the same time, the design style of building is very different from the main features of the historical part of the city: no sharp corners and transitions, only streamlined forms.

Zakha Hadid is a British architect who created his own company in 1980. The architecture career of this woman includes the creation of exhibitions, paintings and theatrical scenery, development of shoes and hours, the creation of various residential complexes and other buildings. The first woman who was awarded the Pritzker Prize. To date, the architect is already 62 years old.

It is difficult to say what a society that has filed a complaint wants to achieve. After all, the complex can no longer be moved, and its style and other architecture features were evaluated at the highest level of the world community. Well, as they say, someone had to put a spoonful of tar in this barrel with honey.