Old English rhyme about a nail

Old English poem, familiar to us from translating from. Marshak, tells about the horseshoe, in which one nail was not accidentally; As a result, ultimately, the army lost the battle and enemies captured the country. In addition to philosophical significance, this poem has another meaning.

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In the old days, nails were quite expensive and scarce material, since they were made by blacksmiths manually from hot rods. Over the years of nails, more and more were required, but the new technologies of their production did not satisfy the desire of customers-there were still few nails.

The optimal way to produce nails appeared only in 1951, when the US was invented in the United States, stamping nails from wire. Since then, they have replenished the list of cheapest goods (along with matches, which, as you know, were a symbol of cheapness in the USSR), and today we have the pleasure of measuring nails when buying in kilograms, like sugar, flour or cereal.

However, experts know how to reduce the nails even more. To do this, you need to produce them with a section in the form of a five -pointed star with blunt edges. Metal for their production will go much less, and they will adapt to the tree.