Steel flanges

The steel flange has the appearance of a flat disk or ring with special gaps for studs and bolts, which are located smoothly. Steel flanges are designed for a stable and strong connection of two pipes for the installation of specific elements of the pipeline, as well as for the installation of movable parts that rotate and connect the reinforcement or other details to the pipelines.

Collar flanges have a fairly wide area of ​​application. They are often used in various fields of production. For example, they are used to attach pipes to the installation of equipment or connecting pipelines to devices and containers. In Ukraine, flat welded and welded VST species are more in demand and widespread. According to other standards, flanks include steel threaded flanges, or vessel flanges, flanges that I use for underwater pipelines. They differ from each other areas of application. You can purchase flanges of all these species in Ukraine at an affordable price on our website Atlantace/Elementi-Truboproprovodov/Flatsi/. Here is a huge assortment of a flange that meets all the requirements of GOST. It is known that the use of a flange is not only pairing. In this case, they begin to form a compound, which is customary to name the flange. This compound is used for shafts and for any other such rotational elements.

They come with pipes, fittings or body objects. Flat flanges are used as separate spare parts. Their mount occurs by welding or screwing. Flanges are made from various materials, if you want to purchase more durable flanges, then you need to pay attention to the models made of steel or from alloy and carbon species.