DIY cabinet on the balcony

Repair on the balcony opens a lot of prospects for both functional and decorative. A practical solution to the device of the cabinet where you can store things, such as sports equipment, garden tools and much more. A simple way to make a cabinet on a balcony with your own hands from the lining.

It is convenient to install a closet in a niche. Before you put the furniture, glaze the balcony, insulate and repair the floor.

For the manufacture of a locker, you will need bars, metal corners, boards, lining, fasteners, accessories.

Choose a lining of hardwood – linden, oak, ash and so on. The higher the class of the material, the better the product will look. Lining class with technical, it is not sheathed with surfaces and do not make furniture.

Installation of the cabinet occurs on the basis of a wood frame. Connect the bars using metal corners. Lay a thick plywood or an OSB plate on the floor.

Attach the back wall of the cabinet made of laminated chipboard with a construction stapler.

Fix the frame to the wall with anchors (the necessary fasteners can be purchased at the link/Steel/Bolts/View/IZD/2). Attach the bars and front frame. To make the design stiff, fix the front frame with anchors to the floor, ceiling and walls.

Set the guides inside to device shelves.

Speak the wardrobe lining. Make the door from a thin lining so that it is not too heavy. Gather the frame by the size of the future door. Add a diagonal or transverse jumper. Put the frame on the floor, fasten the lining with nails, clogging the method “in hide”. After that, attach the handle, platbands and loops. Beautiful door is the key to the attractiveness of the cabinet in general.

The last stage is varnishing. The service life of the cabinet will extend the coating with protective varnish.

It’s easy to make a high -quality locker on the balcony with your own hands, but it will become not only the place of storage of things, but also the decoration of the balcony.