The widespread use of metal helps the development of civilization

A person from the very first moment of his appearance on the planet is constantly in search of tools to improve the conditions of his existence. At first he took what nature provided – wood, stones. People have learned to improve these ancient tools. Then they began to take from nature, the so -called blanks and make the appliances they needed from them. Thus, people learned to make new items for their work from metal. At first, these were metals that were on the surface of the earth – gold, silver and copper. Then they joined them: tin, lead, iron and mercury. These metals are familiar to man since ancient times.

The most widespread in human labor was iron. From it, people learned to produce a variety of objects that he used for everyday work. Gradually, people learned to connect various metals to obtain the necessary properties of the tools. In the Middle Ages, alchemists were engaged in this, who made a lot to study the properties of metals and their compounds. Modern chemistry was formed as a science, it is thanks to the research of metals.

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