Electric wiring scheme in the garage

The wiring inside the garage can be laid in two ways – external or internal. If finishing work is carried out on the walls of the garage, such as plastering or walls of walls with various materials, then the wires should be laid before the start of these work, so that then you can install sockets, lighting devices and switches and switches.

If the sockets or switches are internal, then you must first install special boxes for them. To do this, make a hole in the wall, install a box in it and thoroughly close the free space with gypsum, which will hold the box in the right place. Remember that the jokes are bad with electricity, and if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to entrust the work to a professional, especially since the call of an electrician at home in Moscow will not cost as expensive as the consequences of an inept independent connection.

Fastening wires to the wall is made using special brackets. The wires should be brought to those places where sockets will be installed, lighting devices and switches. If the walls of the walls inside are carried out by wood, then the wires should be laid in a special sleeve made of metal. It will help prevent fire if the wiring is closed. All sockets should be installed so that it is as convenient as possible to use them. The installation of two power introductory machines that will control the lighting and sockets will also be considered an important point.

If the walls in the garage will not be finished, then the open method of laying wires is quite suitable. To do this, use refractory boxes, inside which all wires are laid. Such boxes are attached to the wall with screws or even nails.

Not every wire is suitable for creating electrical wiring. The best option of the wire should be selected taking into account the future load. Do not save on the wire, and buy a wire with a minimum section. The best option would be a wire with a core and copper, its cross section for sockets should be from 2.5 square meters. mm, and for lighting, there is absolutely enough wire of 1.5 kV. mm.

For electrical wiring in your garage, you can use the simplest scheme, that is, with the installation of only one power machine. If desired, you can conduct electricity with the installation of two machines. This scheme is convenient in that you can use sockets without turning on lighting and you can also repair them in light. The zero cable can be made common for devices or bring it separately to each device.