Fire safety systems

The main task of the security and fire system is its ability to timely detect the place of fire and prevent people about the danger. Developed for these purposes and special warning systems are actively used.

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They are autonomous or constituent elements of systemic more complex devices, control from a computer or have a programmable sequence of alerts, transmit a fire message to a mobile phone or transmit emergency information, and also differ in a number of work principles or constructively.

Before proceeding with the installation of the system, you need to decide on some aspects:

– On the principle of submitting an information message, a local notification is distinguished, the essence is that in the transmission of a pre -prepared message when receiving in certain premises of the alarm, and a centralized notification. It is supposed to install such a system installation of a centralized unit, which involves a semi -automatic or automatic control mode. If the architecture of the building allows the room to be divided into several zones, then it can establish a notification that has several sources of the signal.