Watering and drainage systems in the country

For those who still believe that a summer house is first of all the opportunity to grow something edible with your own hands, even if now it’s easier and cheaper to buy everything edible – the garden remains the most important object of the entire summer cottage. As a result, watering and drainage systems acquire the most strategic importance. However, the drainage system will never hurt, especially if the heavy rains are not excluded climatic. And the watering system, albeit less technically complex, will not hurt not only potatoes, but also flowers, fruit trees and even the lawn.

Install the drainage system, like the watering system, in your own cottage you can independently. But this does not cancel the fact that many components will have to either be ordered or bought ready -made. Pipe flexion, for example, without special equipment, you simply can’t do it. Actions such as bending pipes, especially when it comes to flexible pipes of large diameter, is almost impossible not only without equipment, but also without special skills. That is why it is much easier to order radius pipes for your watering system or a specialized pipe flexion for your drainage system in specialized companies.

It will also be necessary to buy all complex small nodes. Connecting nodes are also better to buy. However, if there are skills in working with a welding machine and a welding machine directly, you can try to minimize their number. Although we do not advise you too much in any case: replacing and repairing one of the parts of the system, as a rule, not only easier and takes less time, but also costs cheaper.

Thus, the price of a drainage and irrigation system collected by yourself will still cost cheaper than purchased entirely. On the other hand – you still have to pay a fairly significant amount. And since, as a rule, a guarantee extends to the trade names from leading manufacturers, you should carefully consider the amount of time you are ready to spend with systems. However, for some of our citizens, a similar process is also “in joy”.