Pool cleaning systems

If you are going to equip your site with a swimming pool, control that the builders do not forget to equip it with filtration equipment. Otherwise, the water in the pool will not remain clean and transparent for long. And over time, the risk of infection with microbes will appear.

The most common filter is sandy, where quartz sand sifted is laid as a filler. They are simple in their design and are not expensive.

But sometimes they are replaced by cartridge filters, considering them more reliable. The degree of water purification in them is higher, but the duration of the process is less long. Therefore, such filters are best used for small reservoirs. In addition, the quality of cleaning depends on the frequent change of cartridges.

Therefore, it is better to choose a sand filter. But try to improve its characteristics. So, to the filler (t.e. sand) add special chemicals that will allow water cleaning in the pool better.

One of these additives can be recommended by the filter Klin Silver. Silver ions, which are part of this drug, disinfect water well. And aluminum silicate absorbs on itself heavy metals.

We should not forget that the filters themselves need regular cleaning. In this case, the decalcit filter will provide quick cleaning.