Drinking water disinfection systems

For disinfection, use ozone installation. These substances are added to water using special dosing systems.

Sodium hypochlorite is a powerful biocidic reagent that allows you to inactivate bacteria and viruses. The disinfectant effect of hypochlorite is associated with the high oxidative ability of chlorine. In addition to bactericidal action, hypochlorite can participate in the besieging of iron, manganese, oxidation of sulfides, cyanides, nitrites, ammonium. Sodium hypochlorite is in liquid form, also called a solution of sodium salt, jacket water. According to GOST, sodium hypochlorite varies the content of active chlorine. Mark A – content of active chlorine 190 g/l, brand b – 170 g/l. Sodium hypochlorite is characterized by loss of active chlorine up to 30% within 10 days from the date of manufacture. Sodium hypochlorite is supplied in European cubes with a volume of 1000 liters, 30 liters of cancers. Scope – water treatment.

As a result of reactions, the formation of chloramins, aldehydes, chlorophenols, trichlormetans is possible. Therefore, control over the doses of the introduced reagent and the concentrations of carcinogenic substances are necessary. A distinctive feature of chlorination is the increased duration of oxidative and bactericidal properties. This allows you to serve guaranteedly disinfected water to consumers through a developed pipeline system.

For drinking purposes, the installation of ozoning is equipped with sorption filters, for pools, ozoning is used in conjunction with ultrafiltration on the membranes.

How much water should be drunk?

Research has been conducted for many years, and there are already a lot of information in modern developments.

The endurance of the athletes who are engaged in the marathon running depends on the large amount of water consumption, but at the same time, there is a risk of acquiring hyponatremia – illness when the blood is not enough for sodium. The properties of water are such that a large amount of water can wash out sodium from the blood. But by the way, large water consumption is rarely found in healthy and adults. Therefore, drink on health and rejoice at life.