How to find housing through the Avezor Georgia real estate agency portal

Purchasing an apartment is a responsible step that requires studying all aspects of the matter. It is important to find the right option, check the condition of the object, the correctness of the documents and other parameters.

The Avezor Georgia agency will help with all this.

Features of the offer

The company is engaged in the sale of various real estate properties in Tbilisi. Services are provided to both owners, developers and buyers. In addition to purchasing real estate, the agency can be contacted by people or companies wishing to rent residential premises, an office or other facility.

On the company’s website and in the office, you can choose real estate if there is a desire or need to buy an apartment in Tbilisi and in other localities in Georgia.

To search for a specific housing option on the secondary market, you can set the following parameters on the company’s official portal:

  1. Indicate the region of Georgia where you need to rent or buy an apartment.
  2. Decide on a city. Select an area or a specific microdistrict where you plan to purchase a property.
  3. Indicate the characteristics of the transaction – purchase of ownership or lease.
  4. Decide on the area and number of rooms of the apartment.
  5. Set the price range within which it is possible to purchase or rent an object.

Each object that the client can see is supplied with photographs of the facade and interior, and the technical characteristics of the premises are indicated. In addition to this data, the agency’s specialists will support the transaction, provide all the necessary information, review the documents for the property, and give instructions and advice on purchasing housing.

The company’s realtors will find almost any housing option according to the parameters required by the client, if the property is for sale,

Company advantages

Avezor Georgia real estate agency operates on completely transparent conditions, offers properties without encumbrances, all documents and the apartment itself are checked, and full compliance of the information posted on the company’s portal with the real state of affairs is guaranteed. Transactions are fully supported, starting with the preparation of documents, their thorough verification, and ending with the registration of the transfer of property from one owner to another.

The agency has an extensive database, which is constantly replenished and updated. There is the largest selection of apartments sold on the secondary market.

Effective advertising of their real estate is organized for sellers, buyers are quickly found, and an objective assessment of the value is given.