Inexpensive interior design with stained glass

The modern market for interesting new products for the repair of houses and apartments provided a very inexpensive and high -quality solution. Specialists have developed pseudo -dodes, which, unlike natural stained -glass windows, consist of a whole canvas.

Imitation of image compilation from individual pieces of multi -colored glass makes the stained glass panel itself lighter and much cheaper in cost.

The most popular today are a flood and film stained glass. The technology for manufacturing the pouring stained glass consists in simulating pieces of glass by applying varnishes and paints.

In the manufacture of film stained glass, the impression of glass particles give pieces of film that glue on the back of the glass.

Another of the original solutions is the use of special murals that are closed with glass on top.

Choosing material for decoration of premises is not so easy. In order not to make a mistake, it will better dwell on what is tested by time. Such material is GRASARO porcelain. His high quality speaks for itself.