Disadvantages of ceramic outlets

Despite many positive qualities of ceramic outlets, due to several disadvantages that are noticeable during the everyday use of sockets, it is quite difficult to find them installed in the living room. Now, if you want to order repairs in your apartment, then we advise you to first consider the price list for apartment renovation on the site – . These disadvantages, which determine the small popularity of ceramic outlets among buyers, include the following:

Large cost of manufacturing. Ceramics – quite expensive material.

Ceramic sockets are very fragile due to the physical properties of the material.

Ceramics relative to plastic heavy material, which increases the weight of the product.

Ceramics are inferior to new plasticity in electrical insulation properties.

Transportation and storage of ceramic outlets is associated with different difficulties that arise due to the fragility of the material. Difficulties in storage and transportation increase the cost of the product.

The main advantages of a ceramic outlet, which is also a distinctive feature from plastic sockets, can be called that ceramics are not afraid of temperatures that may occur during a short circuit. Plastic sockets at high load or short circuit can simply melt.