Wallpaper disadvantages when using them for wall decoration

Despite the large number of positive qualities of wallpaper, if they are considered as a finishing material for walls, and their popularity can be distinguished by several basic disadvantages: 1. The basis for gluing wallpaper should be perfectly even and without defects. Wallpaper cannot hide large wall defects, and some even emphasize them. The preparation of the base means alignment of wavyness, the removal of various humps and other defects. To carry out these works, you need to be able to use putty and other materials, which does not make it possible to carry out work yourself. 2. The material is quite fragile and, if mechanical exposure occurs, it can be damaged. 3. This material does not tolerate the effects of moisture or dampness. At your leisure it will not be superfluous to find out where cheaper to buy a car crane.

When exposed to moisture, the material loses its appearance and begins to peel off. four. This material, depending on the operating conditions, has not a very long service life, since all traces of any effect remain on the wallpaper. Despite these shortcomings, the wallpaper is an excellent option for ensuring the design of the premises, taking into account the achievement of the necessary indicators of practicality and the possibility of achieving the necessary appearance from the design of the room.