Will be put up for sale

The Confederation of Builders of Ukraine made a proposal at the legislative level to consolidate the possibility of transferring the construction of objects of incomplete construction over the next seven years, the implementation of which ultimately did not take place.

The relevant information was officially announced by the Left Partshaladze, which is the presidents of the confederation of the country’s builders, during the past meeting of the round table between the country’s real estate market.

It is proposed to introduce the opportunity for all domestic representatives of local authorities to initiate contracts regarding the lease of land with those builders who over the past seven years have not fulfilled the construction obligations for the sale of a residential object. The objects released in this way can be sold by selling at auction other development companies, which are more responsible for the issue of construction in accordance with the established deadlines.

The head of the Confederation drew attention to the fact that it would be more appropriate to exhibit not only land objects with an incomplete construction object, but also several adjacent land plots, so that the buyer had the opportunity to get a slightly greater profit when acquiring such a problem object.

The corresponding bill is supposed to be developed over the next two months. Certain agreements with representatives of the Verkhovna Rada have already been reached.

For this period of time in the country there are more than 800 objects of work in progress, which should be put into operation.