Kiosks will be removed from Kyiv streets

Mafa installed on the territory of Kyiv work on illegal grounds. Among ten thousand such kiosks, only half have permits for trade and functioning. Everyone else has the necessary documentation and they must be dismantled in the near future. Information was obtained in the press service of the Kyiv city state administration.

Now a large -scale company for the dismantling of architectural forms of small type (they are MAFA) is already being carried out through the territory of the capital of Ukraine, whose work has no legal documentation. To carry out all the events on the basis of the city administration, they created the headquarters for dismantling, as well as a schedule for dismantling events.

The city authorities declare that everything possible was done on their part in order to carry out such work as civilized as possible. Entrepreneurs had to properly draw up all the necessary permits, conduct the conclusion of agreements on the payment of a share contribution, and ensure the removal of garbage. Some entrepreneurs with understanding reacted to such recommendations and brought all the documentation to the required form. They continue to successfully function for a given period of time. The authorities demolish exclusively those kiosks and MAFs that are in the immediate vicinity of kindergartens, school educational institutions, metro stations.

Recall our readers that information regarding the demolition of about two thousand small architectural forms has previously received information on the territory of Kyiv. In the near future, the number of demolitions of the objects is replenished with those who do not have permissive documentation.