Skinali: Practical decoration for the kitchen

Glass kitchen apron, or skin – this is a type of popularity of arrangement of kitchen surfaces. In principle, not only kitchen, but it was here that they took root the most. And there are good reasons for that.

Skinali is, firstly, very beautiful: under a glass panel you can place almost any image, the taste of the owner of the apartment. Many design solutions to the arrangement of the kitchen from the very beginning involve the installation of a skin as an important decor element. In addition, it is almost win -win: today, companies that are engaged in the manufacture and installation of a skinny have huge collections of ornaments, floral patterns, an infinite number of photos of the highest quality – any client with the most exquisite requests can choose, moreover, no one forbids. offer your own options. The modern capabilities of the press, in particular UV print, give the level of quality of images, including voluminous 3Ds, which was still not available.

The second undeniable advantage of the skin is a glass panel: made of thick (up to 8 mm), hardened, durable glass, it reliably protects the walls near the hobs, washing, washing. Glass has the highest density of the structure, therefore, almost immune to pollution, almost any type of which is easily removed from the surface. For special occasions, there is a wide selection of household chemicals, the aggressive effects of which glass is also immune, unlike most other finishing materials.

The method of attaching glass aprons is already capable of decorating the interior in itself: after all, the screws of the screws, with which the panel is attached to the wall, are closed with plugs made in the form of decorative elements. This method of fastening – screws – requires special caution, and it is better if experts do it: lack of experience with glass can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of chips, cracks or complete destruction of the panel. The arc method is safer in this regard: first, an aluminum frame is mounted around the perimeter, into which a glass canvas with a decorative substrate is then inserted. However, this is an obsolete way that is not particularly popular.

The third advantage of the skin is their price. Despite the high level of interior decoration, high -quality materials and a highly artistic substrate, the cost of such pleasure is relatively low. Of course, it depends on the area of ​​the coating, configuration, the level of the decorative canvas, but it does not create a large load on the budget of the average customer.