Hidden doors: methods of finishing

Before performing the repair, you need to urgently decide which doors should be installed in the room. Not for every room, traditional swing structures are suitable. According to certain concepts of modern design, it is possible that modern hidden doors from the company/Mezhkomnatnie-Dveri/TIP2/Potajnie/are required, which is almost impossible to notice at first glance at first glance. On such canvases, seized door handles are installed, designed to open and close. The door itself:

It has no platbands,

merges with the wall,

does not betray its presence.

A modern canvas can have many methods of decoration, which I would like to talk about below.

Decoration with interior paint

In modern apartments, you can often find universal wall decoration, decorated with high -tech interior colors. This design looks quite interesting. The decor of the walls is bright, colorful, life -affirming.

The surface of the secret door is covered with exactly the same solutions. This is one of the best ways to disguise the interior hidden structure, painting the canvas with exactly the same pigment as the walls located nearby. The fact that there is a door in the wall will perhaps only a door handle, which can also be quite inconspicuous.

Brushing decoration

Also a very popular and often used option. Before performing the design of the walls and the interior secret door, you must purchase in the store the wallpaper suitable for design that may be:



non -woven,

made on the basis of fiberglass.

Often wallpaper for painting are glued to the walls and doors. This is a universal option, which is originally mounted on the surface, then painted in the required color. Such wallpapers have a textured, very interesting structural surface, due to which they look quite interesting in the interior.

You can paint such wallpapers many times. If necessary, every 2-3 years, it will be possible to change the color of the walls, at the same time a color of hidden doors, which nothing will be distinguished from the general array of surfaces.

Cortex and gloss in the design – fashion trends

Today, secret doors can be formed using the latest generation called Cortex. It looks very interesting, created on the basis of polypropylene, which today is considered a material that is often used in the medical industry. The material is safe in operation, resistant to thermal damage.

The design of gloss is also very interesting and spectacular in the room. The gloss effect is achieved by staining with a special glossy paint with a polymer coating. Either the design occurs using PVC film that has an elegant glossy coating.