SCD. What is it?

It’s no secret that in protected territories automatic observation and control over the movement of people. All this is arranged to ensure order. These automated observation systems are simply necessary at those closed enterprises where it is necessary to limit personnel access. For example, if the powers of this person do not allow to enter a certain territory, he will not be able to penetrate there.

SCD allows you to keep records of the working hours of personnel (the arrival and departure of the employee is noted in a special database), the movement of personnel and vehicles through the territory of the enterprise.

Installation of SCD ensures order at the enterprise, and is also a guarantee of security. In the case of violent penetration to the territory of the enterprise, a signal will be supplied to the on -duty remote control. Thus, all the security will be notified. The access control system to a large extent can increase the efficiency and quality of the security service and the security service.

The principle of operation is based on the fact that each employee has a personal identifier in the form of a plastic magnetic card. On the card there is information about the owner of the worker, which makes it possible to establish a personality.

There are two ways to interact the card and scanner: contact and contactless.

The installation of SCD is trusted only by highly qualified specialists. The slightest inaccuracies in operation and installation can cause unpleasant consequences. Development of an access control system is a very complex process. You can’t do without special education and professional skills. Only when fulfilling these conditions can you be sure that the system will delight with its work without failure.