Slantsy roof

This day can be noted a huge selection of all kinds of roofing in the building materials market. Nevertheless, the roof of the shale in a similarity is the 1st of not the most popular, due to the high cost of the types of roofing material. The roof of the shale on likeness is no longer a budget option. Similar roofing material is distinguished by an endless life. The roof of the shale in the likeness will last decades, but even this and not all the best qualities of shale before other types of roofing materials.

From silt, sand and other pure elements in a natural environment, slate forms. As a rule, the creation of shale, therefore, takes hundreds of years. They call the slate and “genuine slate”. This type of material, here, as it can be called unique, because it is being built for 4 hundred million years. In European countries, slate is launched in favor of arranging roofs and roofing from the 15th century. The width of the shale plates are heterogeneous in width and heights, on the thickness of the same, on average 5 millimeters are the same.

In the sense of the composition of the slate, these are combined minerals that have high aesthetic properties, as well as operational characteristics. Shteta, this is a piece of material. From a monolithic block, he breaks off the plates. And yet, I would like to note that the insisted form is given to the shale and there, when processing chopped, shale tiles. With all this, black slate is usually folded not automated, but a manual burden.

Namely, the use of manual labor makes a significant effect on the obvious price of the product. Since the material is processed manually, and not only because of unusual appearance, or elegant properties, slate is an elite roofing substance. Real roofing material distinguishes an elegant exterior that approaches different design decisions, as in favor of buildings conducted “under the old days”, but also in favor of today’s buildings.

Based on the extent that the sun is more located, and in which cloudless rays fall out in the way, the roof material will be different in different ways, leaving, and also, catching a worldwide look. Very often, the slate produced from shale distinguishes an ineffective, blue color. In addition to the blue and black shades, it is quite possible to find similar shades as green or dark – crimson, which significantly increases the operational properties of such roofing material and causes its authoritative lot in favor of the design – the project of almost all the current buildings.