break the old to build a new

Any large city in its development is not only subject to territorial growth, but also a constant updating of its infrastructure. Time passes, the warranty life of residential and other structures expire, but, as a rule, their operation continues with the regular technical monitoring of their condition. However, despite all possible prolongations, the time comes, and the construction begins to threaten the destruction and all kinds of emergency situations. So it’s time to dismantle it. There are other situations: the life of the construction has not yet expired, but of all kinds of force majeure circumstances, violations of operation rules or banal errors in design and construction lead to the fact that the building begins to pose a threat to people. Or one more thing: strategic plans for the development of the city suggest the construction of new roads, the breakdown of parks or the construction of important communal or state facilities, but old buildings create an obstacle to this. Dismantling is the only solution.

Dismantling (or demolition) of buildings – it is not such a simple thing as it might seem to an inexperienced person, inspired by the saying: “Break – not to build!”, You also need to break it competently. Therefore, the most correct solution would be to contact a specialized techno-Digger company that has not only the necessary licenses, but technical equipment, qualified personnel, sufficient experience, and, preferably, a wide range of related services.

There are two main types of demolition of buildings:

– complete demolition with further disposal of waste and construction waste;

The process of dismantling of buildings is quite dangerous and is often associated with various difficulties inhibiting the process, which is very undesirable in modern high -plate construction and, moreover, costly. In order to avoid this, the specialists of the executing company conduct preliminary preparation: study the features of the construction, make calculations, prepare the work site, outline the routes of movement of transport and special equipment, solve issues with disconnecting communications (gas, water, power supply) preparing to demolish the building. The safety of the work is the main factor, its provision should be a priority of any competitive company in the company’s building services market.

Additional services mentioned above are, as a rule, the removal of construction waste by transport of the company, processing it for secondary use and implementation, coordination of permits and design documentation, etc.D.