In order to choose the right mixer, you need to know their classification, how they are arranged, how much they can last and what price category belongs to.

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Choosing a good mixer is quite difficult. The appearance is by no means the main criterion for choosing. It is very important that a minimum of problems arise during operation with it. To know what problems may appear and how to successfully solve them, you need to get to know them better.

In the store or on the market you can find many different mixers designed for household use. All mixers can be divided into: Bath-duke mixers and faucets per sink. The former is installed in bathrooms to take a shower and a set of water in a bath, the latter in the kitchens. The faucets on the sink can still be used as an arrangement in bathrooms and toilets.

Each class is divided into different types that differ from each other by structural characteristics. When choosing a mixer, you need to consider such parameters as: the material from which it is made, purpose and price. Though brand mixers are expensive, but they are many times better than Chinese, which constantly break with minor loads.