The faucets are different: how to choose

Such a plumbing device as a mixer performs one function – mixing cold water with hot in the tap. But, despite all the elementary of the process and the design of the mixer, when choosing it, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality and functionality of the goods. The core of each mixer is a shut-off-regulating mechanism. It can have a rubber or metal valve. As a more expensive option, there are models with cartridges on sale. Give preference to better known brands, since a poor -quality model will constantly require replacement of grains, and such a process is not cheap. And do not hope that you can replace yourself, you can’t do without a specialist.

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Problems that you can handle it yourself is in the field of valves, bars and the like. Sufficiently high quality mixers are found among Western manufacturers, as they give a guarantee for the entire range of goods.

As experience shows, a mixer with one adjusting handle is more convenient, practical and hygienic, and water adjustment is much easier for them.

The material used by most brands is brass. It is not at all susceptible to water and passed the test of time. For ceramic cartridges, special sealing plates are used as the basis. They are made from aluminum oxide in the process of firing under high pressure in the furnace.

Remember, small details create a common picture and determine the quality of work as a whole, as well as individual comfort.