New amendments will reduce the cost and terms of construction

Deputy Mayor of the capital for urban planning policy m. Khusnullin said that by the end of 2012, a package of amendments to construction standards, such as GOSTs and SNiPs, will be prepared. Today’s construction standards have long been outdated and no longer meet the needs of construction in the capital, where there is now a large density of development, as well as an increased pace, the reconstruction of transport highways and laying the metro are undergoing an increased pace.

Reducing norms in areas such as the design of transport interchanges and kindergartens will significantly reduce the construction time of these facilities and the time of laying paving slabs. And the revision of the standards when laying the metro will give more than 10% of the savings of funds. Vice-mayor m. Khusnullin also believes that it is necessary to introduce new principles when laying communications, which will require a change in the main technology.

Head of the Association of Builders E. Basin noted that new amendments, first of all, will be applied in Moscow, and then they will become the basis for construction standards throughout Russia.

First of all, the amendments related to important and complex construction work will be considered, then the consideration of the amendments will be consistently. At the moment, 85 out of 160 points have already been prepared.