New floors in the country

The floors in the country have become unusable, and you replaced them with new boards. But do not rush to immediately start painting. First you need to cover new floors with oil putty mixed with sexual paint. Will have to putty in three stages.

After applying the first layer of oil putty, let it dry (3 days). Then apply the second layer and dry 4 days. After staining with a third layer, forget about the floors for a week. If the work is carried out in raw weather or in the cold season, the deadlines for drying each layer of putty must be increased.

When the third layer is completely dry, the floors need to be washed with hot water, and again let it dry. And after that they apply 2 layers of special varnish for flooring. As soon as the varnish dries, you need to wash the floors with hot water again.

If you want to get a more perfect floor surface, apply puttying along the gauze. Marilya is laid on the fresh first layer of putty. Try to stretch the fabric as even as possible, and then thorough.

As soon as the putty is completely dry, put it on its second layer, but already in gauze. Then the third layer of putty is applied (after the final drying of the second). Further procedures are performed as described above.