New tenant scam?

On the part of the Minister of Defense, Pavel Lebedev received a message that Russia and Ukraine were studying the possibility of joint construction of residential real estate objects in the Crimea, which will be intended directly for all military personnel of all participating countries.

If we consider the problems of this issue more carefully, then the position from Lebedev becomes quite understandable. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense receives rather meager funds for the construction of residential real estate objects. In the same apartment line in the country there are more than 45 thousand domestic military personnel. This year, only 12 million hryvnias for the construction of residential real estate for military personnel were allocated from the budget. This actually will ultimately provide apartments for only a few dozen domestic officers. At the same time, on the territory of Sevastopol, the problematic of housing is quite acute, both for Ukrainian and Russian troops. It could be assumed that the joint resolution of the problems of this issue is beneficial for both the Russian and Ukrainian side.

Only in the same Sevastopol the name Lebedev appears in the context of private construction companies and the construction business as a whole. Recently, construction work on the development of the city of Sevastopol is quite actively carried out by organizations that are directly related to Lebedev. Local public organizations launched a violent activity against this official, whose organizations conquered hotels directly exposing unprotected citizens to the street. Such a desire from Lebedev is to engage in joint construction is presented as a banal lobbying for their own interests.