The new spongel-shaped material is easier than plastic, but 10 times stronger

This new supermaterial consists of graphene. A structure that looks like a psychedelic marine being is almost completely hollow. Scientists say that the “secret ingredient” is how atoms are agreed upon.

Grafen consists of layered sheets of carbon atoms and is the strongest material on Earth. But this is as long as it is in the 2D plane. These properties are not easy to translate into 3D figures that are needed to create things.

To solve this problem, scientists had to work hard and display special mathematical models. The strength of the resulting material is due to a huge ratio of the area of ​​its surface to the volume. In nature, marine animals, such as corals and diatomic algae, also use a greater ratio of surface area to volume to achieve incredible strength on a small scale.

Scientists created a number of models, built them, and then subjected them to stretching and compression. Strong material created by researchers was approximately the same dense as the lightest plastic bag, but stronger steel.

If scientists achieve further results with their development, then in the future we will see massive bridges and other structures from hybrid concrete – super -duty, but very light.