New Year – new rules

The game itself implies the interaction of non -existent rules and actions in relation to them. And, of course, the main rule is that they can and should be violated, creating new, more interesting ones, destroying the old ones, considering them the wrong.

More than half of all people personify the new day, the beginning of the week, the month, the beginning of the year with a new opportunity to erase the borders of the past and the future, and stay a little here in the present. But, the result of many is predictable, alas. Why is this happening, and how to fix it?

New Year – new rules

The most common mistakes are false promises, and first of all to itself. The second aspect is the ignorance of what we invest in the promise. For example: you promised to start a new life, yes, you tuned in to changes, but, as you know, we bring changes ourselves, accordingly we rely not on our own efforts, but on the arrival of a miracle. A new life implies a desire to change old habits, foundations, the arrival of something interesting, fascinating in a new, completely unknown world. But, that, in fact, I have to do for this? First, learn the rules of the game of life, and only then proceed to the game itself and violations of the rules. The main rules that can be violated, except for those, of course, are written in blood, in this exciting game called life:

From childhood they say to you: listen to everything that they tell you. Absurd! Do not listen to anyone other than yourself and the rest of the others that you consider full -fledged owners of your heart.

Get ready. Life is harsh. Yes, who said? Do not believe anyone.

Strive for excellence. Nonsense. The concept itself implies abstract terminology. So, there is no sense in achieving them.

The main strategies and lives of life

The strategy is such as to show you the candy, to lure it, to promise you a whole bag of sweet, but in the end to hide and not give you the promised. It’s a shame, true? It all starts with a small one, and then you will be beckoned with a cake and offered 1000 such cakes, but they will not give you. Further, they will become beckoning with a chocolate castle and the kingdom of sweets, and, as you guessed, you cannot become a full -fledged owner.

New Year – new rules

This is what it looks like in the realities of our life: you have a desire to buy a new laptop as in advertising, and here, suddenly, a friend comes running to you and shows this very laptop, you are upset, they say, why does it have it, but I don’t have. After that, your desire to purchase the same gadget, gradually runs out. Or the same friend invites you to his mansion, and it is in the one you dream about: you, with easy envy, think that you are no worse, but already presenting what amount of work you have to do, you despair and dig Your desire is very – very deep. “Why does the fate of such people present me? She definitely wants to destroy me, ”you think. But not here – it was, because this is an obvious motivation. Well, will you really be like a donkey to run after your nose, but you can’t catch it? Think, everything is for you: this is a kind of kick. So take a blow to the action.

Your response, but not counteraction, in no case

Counteraction will not lead to anything. As is known from the course of physics, actions will lead to opposition, just in your favor.

New Year – new rules

To begin with, several affirmations for actions:

You can’t: I will show everyone, I need: I will prove to myself.

The best creator of this is me.

Not whining like a puppy, but howl like a wolf.

In general, a new life requires victims, and the main task of being ready for this. Your past life will be a victim, and it will leave very slowly so that you can still have time to leave it, but it is important to maintain judgment, because everything that you had before holding on your emotional state. Therefore, your task is to prepare yourself morally.


The very concept of the new means that you have not yet seen or, perhaps, did not even know. And despite all your fears, you must create new ones around yourself not foundations, not rules, but events and your qualities. Take advantage of the fact that the new year is in the yard: an atmosphere of anticipation reigns around, counting 12 beats, absorb as much of this state as possible to be enough for at least a year, until the next new year. And at the wire of the old New Year, spend and everything that disturbed you did not allow you to live.