New Year’s cards Lastivka

A postcard is an important and very pleasant element of any holiday, because it creates a festive atmosphere of any celebration. Each of us is trying to buy more interestingly a postcard to surprise our relatives and friends. We are now buying with the whole family, buy New Year’s postcards Lastivka, and which ones, you can see here.

Many people believe that they began to exchange New Year’s cards in England. But the Chinese used analogues of modern cards a thousand years ago. These were business cards that the inhabitants of China sent to those who could not visit. They were red and had no pattern, but only good wishes to a certain person.

The first New Year card was created by artist Dobson. It depicted a family near the Christmas tree against the background of the winter forest.

Later, New Year’s postcards also visited our country, but since these cards did not have the inscriptions, Calligraphs wrote congratulations, which was worth a lot of money and not everyone could afford such a luxury.

As a rule, on New Year’s cards, happy families, New Year’s gifts, solemn services and rituals, animals were depicted.

But after the revolution, Soviet New Year cards began to be considered propaganda, New Year’s Christmas trees began to disappear from the houses. Postcards with the image of glasses and champagne, Santa Claus on the three horses were banned. After some time of the prohibitions of New Year’s cards, she returned again.

Different countries have their own traditions of presenting the New Year card. For example, in Japan they give postcards with the image of an animal that corresponds to the eastern calendar. In Austria, postcards with symbols of happiness, namely a chimneyist, pigs, go, go the leaf of clover.

It is no secret that the postcards made by yourself will bring a sea of ​​joy not only to you, but also to the person to whom you present it. The British pay a lot of attention to the design and decoration of cards, so in some places you can buy amazing masterpieces.

In Spain they do not like when they give a postcard with already printed text. It is believed that if a person gives it with all my heart, then the wishes should be similar to his thoughts.

All these postcards give us warmth, comfort, good memories.

Unfortunately, the Internet and telephone conversations displace postcards from our lives that bring us pleasant emotions and feelings of the holiday.